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Nilgiri Langur

Vandalur Zoo Entrance

Presbytis johni
Distribution:Found in the Western Ghats from Coorg to Cape Comerin, the Nilgiris, Anamalai hills, Brahmagiri, Tirunelvelli and Palani hills.
As its name suggests, this long-tailed langur is found in the Nilgiri hills of Western Ghats.  Usually found in troops in of 5-15, these animals are often seen encroaching agricultural fields.  Their food comprises of fruits, shoots and leaves.
They forage for food in the morning, rest at noon and come out in the evening to feed again.
Of late, the Nilgiri langurs have decreased in number because of the destruction of their natural habitat, the Shola dense evergreen forests.  They are also threatened due to a number of human activities, including poaching for their fur and flesh, as the latter is believed to have medicinal value.  It is an endangered animal.

Food in Captivity:  Grapes, cooked rice, banana, orange, mango, guava, soaked bengal gram, cabbage, carrot and bread.
Sexual Maturity: 4-5 years.
Breeding Season: Throughout the year.
Gestation Period: 140-220 days.
Litter Size: One.
Life Span: 29 years.
Status:  Endangered.

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