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ANIMAL WELFAREThe Veterinary hospital with all modern facilities like mobile x ray unit, Blood analyzer, Incubator, Deep freezer, computer, in patient and out patient ward, quarantine facilities, operation theatre, Microbiology Lab, Post-modern facilities and incinerator have been provided and it is one of the modern Veterinary health care centers in Chennai. The zoo Veterinarians scan the animals for illness and disease daily and take preventive action. The zoo provides appropriate feed, clean drinking water and hygienic enclosures. All enclosures have been enriched with enriched with swings, ropes and perches to increase their natural behavior. Similarly the bird enclosures have been provided with nest boxes during breeding season to promote breeding aspects. Green shade nets have been provided at walk through avaiaries to beat summer. All food items are checked every day by the Zoo veterinarians and Biologists to ensure quality and quantity before distributing to various animal enclosures.





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