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Lion Tailed Macaque:

LTMLion tailed macaque is one of the most critically endangered species indigenous to the tropical rain forests of the Western Ghats in South west India. The maintenance of Viable population of endangered species representing their genetic viability in the wild is a major goal of the Zoological Park. In order to safe guard this species Arignar Anna Zoological Park, submitted a project on conservation breeding programme for LTM in collaboration with SACON, WII and other South Indian zoos Viz., Mysore zoo and Trivandrum zoo to the Central Zoo Authority for funding the project. The proposal envisaged establishment of five social groups in 3 zoos, designing of appropriate enclosure and monitoring social behavioral and reproductive health of the group and training of zoo personal. The project has been approved by the CZA. Two off exhibit water moated enclosures have been built for Lion tailed macaque away from the visitor area to promote natural behavior and fit for reintroduction programme. The zoo is having 23 animals of which 9 males, 12 females and 2 infants.

Nilgri langur:

Nilgri langurThis species has also been designated to Arignar Anna Zoological Park as species coordinator. It is the only zoo where regular breeding is ensured. At present the park is holding 18 animals.



Nilgiri Tahr:

Nilgiri TahrThis species has also been designated to Arignar Anna Zoological Park as species co-coordinator. No animal is available in the Park. Steps have been initiated to procure the animals. Apart from that White tiger had given birth of 3 cubs which were named by Tamil Nadu Government as Sembian, Valli and Indira. Similarly Wild dogs are also breeding regularly. This year two pups have been separated and hand reared by us successfully. One Lion cub has also been hand reared due to the problems from its mother. The Ostrich first time in the country naturally brooded six eggs and all successfully hatched. Many species like Bison, Deer species, Painted stork, Night heron, Egrets, Ibis, Grey heron and Grey Pelicans are regularly breeding.


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