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CommissaryThe feed for the animals comprised of perishable and non-perishable items, which are procured and delivered to the store for distribution to the animal enclosures. The perishable items which are supplied daily are first washed and cleaned and then in the zoo kitchen they re cut and dressed in presentable form for being fed to the animals. A well-equipped zoo kitchen with a cold storage and deep freezer is available in the zoo for storing food items. Wash basins, Fly catcher, Separate rooms for receiving perishable and non perishable food items and fly proof doors for proper closing of beef cutting room have also been provided. Non-perishable food items of 190 kg, Perishable foods of 300 kg, beef & fish of 750 kg, Cattle feed of 430 kg and fodder of 2000 kg are being provided to zoo animals every day. A Rat breeding centre created near the Store house caters the needs of snakes.




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