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Arignar Anna Zoological Park has established fodder bank, fruit orchard, coconut grooves, beautiful lawns and gardens. All along the sides of the network of the roads and in the Rest areas, lawns have been developed to increase the aesthetic beauty of the zoo. Trees have been planted in all the available gaps to give a continuous canopy and provide shelter from the summer heat to the visitor and also enrich the general environment for the animals. The fodder requirement of the Herbivores population in the zoo is entirely met from the fodder bank raised in the zoo premises, which supplies about 2000 kgs of fodder daily. A good quantity of fruits is made available from the zoo orchard where Mango, Guava, and Coconut trees have been raised. The enclosures of Elephant and Sambar are enriched by planting seedlings of Bamboos, Neem, Aal, Arasu etc. In the fodder bank more leaf giving banana trees have been planted to feed the herbivores especially the elephant.





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